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At Balfaqeeh we are committed to safeguarding our clients’ interests and helping them overcome the hurdles they face in achieving their business ambitions. We understand the complexities and challenges of competition, disputes, regulation, globalization, and market disruption and provide practical solutions to overcome them.

Your Trusted Law Firm for Success and Compliance

Our team of experienced Lawyers and Consultants specialize in legal services, arbitration, mediation, litigation, business transformation and corporate risk.

We prioritize legal excellence in all our work and deliver efficient and pragmatic results that protect our clients’ business interests and keep them moving forward successfully while fostering strategic values and long-standing relationships.

We offer clear and sound legal advice and proactive insights to a portfolio of international, regional, and national clients that includes corporates, investors, and commercial and government entities.

As a UN Global Impact Signatory, we are committed to advising clients on alignment with the 10 principles of the UNGC, which include for example, Labor Rights, Anti-Corruption and Environmental.

Meet The Managing Partner

Fatima Balfaqeeh is a UAE-certified lawyer specializing in arbitration, mediation, and business consulting. Her critical thinking skills and ability to provide innovative solutions are matched by her commitment to building strong and trustworthy relationships with clients on a personal level.

Fatima is an Adjunct Lecturer in Law in Middlesex University Dubai and has over 20 years of experience working in government and semi-government entities in Abu Dhabi, where she led contract and procurement functions with a focus on dispute avoidance and corporate governance. She has extensive experience in commercial, legal, and operational matters across various sectors, including construction, finance, and banking.

After pursuing a law degree, Fatima became a certified independent arbitrator and commercial mediator. She is a Chartered Arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), a member and Chartered Facilities Management Surveyor of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain (CIPS). Fatima is a highly respected advisor in the ADR, legal, and governance fields and holds many posts with national and international organizations.

In 2018, Fatima founded her consultancy, which later evolved into a law firm. Her goal was to establish a trusted practice known for transparency, reliability, and honest advice. As an advocate for Green Arbitration, she is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and promotes sustainability across all areas of her business. Today, as one of the few independent female arbitrators and mediators in the UAE, Fatima is a role model for young women seeking to enter this field.




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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide uncompromising dedication, ethical standards, creative and quality legal services that cater to corporate, business and government entities, and serve as a primary resource and as a partner protecting clients in all aspects of their business growth and development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted regional and international law firm, recognized and respected for its legal, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and corporate governance credentials.


We create value for our clients by establishing a clear understanding, evaluation, and provision of well-founded advice. Whether a requirement entails the resolution of a dispute, creation or expansion of a business, the core of our firm’s services is to add value. We strive to manage client legal affairs efficiently and effectively so they can conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind.


We uphold confidentiality, honesty, and ethical practices as core pillars of operation, ensuring our clients’ best interests are upheld and at the forefront of our efforts. We are genuine and work with integrity to help our clients make sound decisions.


Competence is the cornerstone of our legal and business services. We believe that solid, strong, steady competency is achieved by consistently doing the simple things well and benchmarking it by best practices and specialized insights.


Our approach provides practical, mature, and reliable legal counsel and consultation, while delivering excellence in client services. We endeavor to provide our clients the best personal service and experience. We love our work and work with passion, wisdom, and tenacity.