Corporate Governance

Internal Governance Policies

Navigating Governance and Regulations

Corporate entities and businesses often need a proactive and effective interaction with regulators and shareholders.

We help them create robust internal governance policies that are updated according to the latest legislative and regulatory updates:

  • We establish strategies for managing risk, make sure they are in compliance with legal requirements and communicate them with the relevant stakeholders.

  • We guide our clients on facilitation of a roadmap on how to implement those policies within their organization with practical measures for a smooth and successful implementation.

  • We provide counsel on every aspect of the regulatory environment related to corporate governance, compliance and investigations, executive compensation, and crisis management.

  • We also collaborate with clients and their boards of directors to anticipate issues and plan strategies for their resolution before they arise. We have in-depth regulatory and industry knowledge, in addition to an extensive experience in government relations, litigation, internal investigations and securities law compliance, which allows us to deliver a comprehensive and holistic problem-solving approach.

Internal Governance Procedures

Enhancing Compliance, Integration, and Proactive Problem-Solving

Balfaqeeh specializes in streamlining corporate governance procedures. Our services include:

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management: we establish robust internal governance procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and bespoke manuals. In addition, we develop strategies for effective risk management to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Implementation and Integration: to promote consistency across all departments, we create roadmaps for smooth policy implementation by providing practical measures for the successful integration with procedures and appropriate manuals.

Proactive Problem-Solving: offering consultancy on governance, compliance, and investigations, we guide our clients on the development of crisis management manuals and SOPs in accordance with best practices, while anticipating and resolving potential issues.

Holistic Approach: we offer comprehensive knowledge of regulations and industry insights, while supporting government relations, litigation, and compliance.

By optimizing corporate governance processes, our clients establish effective interaction with regulators and shareholders. Balfaqeeh provides a strong framework that ensures transparency, accountability, and compliance throughout an organization.